[i’m back…back in a new york groove]

Hey errrbody, it’s been awhile since my last update (as in the entire summer and then some). Please forgive my absence, some things came up (bought a house, had a slight computer malfunction that set me back a bit)…but forget all that. I’m back, I’m pissed and ready to rock. 

So what’s on the horizon you ask? More podcasts. More articles. More features. More fun. A cool promo for bands I dig called [BReaking BAnds]. Other stuff too. 

Looking for creative people to fill my staff. Think you got what it takes, drop me a line at miscellanypodcast[at]gmail[dot]com. Then tell me in a few words what you can bring to the table. Literally, I will ask you to bring stuff to an actual table. A marble conference table. Like the one Kanye tweeted about

Oh and if you’re on FaceBook make sure to like [miscellany media] (the actual page, not the “job” one I have listed).Here, I’ll make it easy for you…CLICK THIS. And follow [miscellany media] on Twitter at twitter.com/miscellanymag

That’s it. 



One thought on “[i’m back…back in a new york groove]

  1. Glad to see you’re back boss! 🙂

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